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Upton, Leicestershire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 52.5940089, Longitude: -1.4639282


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barfield, Sarah  Mar 1730Upton, Leicestershire, England I374
2 Barfield, Richard  1774Upton, Leicestershire, England I368
3 Bosworth, William  1792Upton, Leicestershire, England I1582
4 Parsons, Richard  May 1793Upton, Leicestershire, England I5269
5 Parsons, Joseph  Mar 1795Upton, Leicestershire, England I5238
6 Parsons, James  1799Upton, Leicestershire, England I5219
7 Parsons, George  1803Upton, Leicestershire, England I5201
8 Parsons, Mary  Mar 1806Upton, Leicestershire, England I5259
9 Barfield, William  Jul 1811Upton, Leicestershire, England I379
10 Parsons, Sarah  Apr 1812Upton, Leicestershire, England I5275
11 Barfield, Joseph  18 Dec 1812Upton, Leicestershire, England I354
12 Barfield, Mary  18 Dec 1812Upton, Leicestershire, England I365
13 Barfield, Sarah  Jul 1815Upton, Leicestershire, England I371
14 Barfield, Mary  Oct 1815Upton, Leicestershire, England I362
15 Barfield, Joseph  Jul 1817Upton, Leicestershire, England I355
16 Parsons, John  Dec 1817Upton, Leicestershire, England I5226
17 Barfield, Hannah  Apr 1818Upton, Leicestershire, England I345
18 Parsons, Joseph  Apr 1819Upton, Leicestershire, England I5237
19 Spencer, Joseph  Sep 1819Upton, Leicestershire, England I5939
20 Barfield, John  Mar 1820Upton, Leicestershire, England I348
21 Barfield, John  Mar 1820Upton, Leicestershire, England I350
22 Parsons, Mary  Sep 1820Upton, Leicestershire, England I5258
23 Spencer, Catherine  Aug 1821Upton, Leicestershire, England I5918
24 Parsons, Hannah  Feb 1822Upton, Leicestershire, England I5211
25 Barfield, Anne  Apr 1822Upton, Leicestershire, England I331
26 Barfield, George  Oct 1823Upton, Leicestershire, England I342
27 Parsons, Anne  Oct 1823Upton, Leicestershire, England I5157
28 Spencer, Philip  Nov 1823Upton, Leicestershire, England I5947
29 Barfield, Thomas  Feb 1825Upton, Leicestershire, England I376
30 Spencer, George  Mar 1825Upton, Leicestershire, England I5927
31 Barfield, Elizabeth  Aug 1825Upton, Leicestershire, England I337
32 Parsons, Thomas  Aug 1825Upton, Leicestershire, England I5280
33 Spencer, Elizabeth  Jan 1826Upton, Leicestershire, England I5921
34 Parsons, William  Oct 1827Upton, Leicestershire, England I5290
35 Spencer, Amy  May 1829Upton, Leicestershire, England I5915
36 Parsons, George  Jul 1829Upton, Leicestershire, England I5198
37 Brooks, Joseph  1831Upton, Leicestershire, England I2123
38 Parsons, Mary  1831Upton, Leicestershire, England I5260
39 Brooks, Ann  Jul 1833Upton, Leicestershire, England I2119
40 Barfield, Ann  1839Upton, Leicestershire, England I328
41 Barfield, Mary  1840Upton, Leicestershire, England I363
42 Parsons, John  1840Upton, Leicestershire, England I5229
43 Parsons, Mary Ann  Jul 1840Upton, Leicestershire, England I5261
44 Barfield, John  1841Upton, Leicestershire, England I352
45 Spencer, William  1842Upton, Leicestershire, England I5960
46 Parsons, Jane  12 Aug 1842Upton, Leicestershire, England I5222
47 Spencer, Thomas  May 1844Upton, Leicestershire, England I5955
48 Barfield, Elizabeth  Jan 1845Upton, Leicestershire, England I338
49 Parsons, Hannah Elizabeth  Nov 1845Upton, Leicestershire, England I5213
50 Parsons, Sarah  Feb 1846Upton, Leicestershire, England I5274

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barfield, Sarah  Mar 1737Upton, Leicestershire, England I374
2 Barfield, Joseph  25 Dec 1812Upton, Leicestershire, England I354
3 Barfield, Mary  25 Dec 1812Upton, Leicestershire, England I365
4 Barfield, Sarah  Mar 1816Upton, Leicestershire, England I371
5 Parsons, Mary  Feb 1817Upton, Leicestershire, England I5259
6 Spencer, William  Aug 1819Upton, Leicestershire, England I5961
7 Barfield, George  Oct 1824Upton, Leicestershire, England I342
8 Parsons, Joseph  Jan 1831Upton, Leicestershire, England I5238
9 Parsons, Mary  Mar 1831Upton, Leicestershire, England I5258
10 Barfield, George  May 1834Upton, Leicestershire, England I341
11 Broadhurst, Mary  Jan 1837Upton, Leicestershire, England I2111
12 Ward, Elizabeth  Nov 1842Upton, Leicestershire, England I7015
13 Spencer, John  Nov 1845Upton, Leicestershire, England I5935
14 Parsons, John  Dec 1847Upton, Leicestershire, England I5228
15 Barfield, John  Jan 1848Upton, Leicestershire, England I347
16 Spencer, William  May 1849Upton, Leicestershire, England I5963
17 Spencer, John  Jun 1849Upton, Leicestershire, England I5937
18 Spencer, Joseph  Mar 1853Upton, Leicestershire, England I5938
19 Brooks, William  Feb 1854Upton, Leicestershire, England I2127
20 Bradbury, Jane  May 1854Upton, Leicestershire, England I2057
21 Parsons, George  May 1855Upton, Leicestershire, England I5200
22 Spencer, John  May 1855Upton, Leicestershire, England I5934
23 Bosworth, William  Dec 1855Upton, Leicestershire, England I1582
24 Barfield, Richard  Jan 1856Upton, Leicestershire, England I368
25 Parsons, Sarah  Apr 1856Upton, Leicestershire, England I5276
26 Spencer, Amy  Jul 1856Upton, Leicestershire, England I5916
27 Salt, Hannah  Oct 1857Upton, Leicestershire, England I5698
28 Chamberline, Mary  30 May 1861Upton, Leicestershire, England I2458
29 Parsons, Mary Ann  Aug 1862Upton, Leicestershire, England I5261
30 Barfield, Sarah  Oct 1862Upton, Leicestershire, England I372
31 Spencer, Eliza  May 1867Upton, Leicestershire, England I5920
32 Brooks, William  Aug 1871Upton, Leicestershire, England I2128
33 Elton, Sarah  Aug 1872Upton, Leicestershire, England I3086
34 Fleming, Mary  Nov 1877Upton, Leicestershire, England I3203
35 Barfield, Elizabeth  Feb 1888Upton, Leicestershire, England I337
36 Barfield, Mary  Oct 1888Upton, Leicestershire, England I362
37 Barfield, Joseph  Apr 1892Upton, Leicestershire, England I355
38 Parsons, Joseph  May 1893Upton, Leicestershire, England I5237
39 Parsons, Emma  Jan 1894Upton, Leicestershire, England I5185
40 Parsons, John  5 Jan 1901Upton, Leicestershire, England I5226
41 Stringer, Matilda  Mar 1919Upton, Leicestershire, England I6109


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Parsons, George  1828Upton, Leicestershire, England I5200
2 Brooks, Maria  1829Upton, Leicestershire, England I2124
3 Parsons, Joseph  1842Upton, Leicestershire, England I5239


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Spencer, Samuel  Upton, Leicestershire, England I5950
2 Parsons, John  Between 1841 and 1901Upton, Leicestershire, England I5226
3 Barfield, Joseph  1851Upton, Leicestershire, England I355
4 Bosworth, William  1851Upton, Leicestershire, England I1582
5 Barfield, Thomas  1871Upton, Leicestershire, England I376
6 Henton, Joseph  1886Upton, Leicestershire, England I3825
7 Knight, John  1891Upton, Leicestershire, England I4516
8 Tredwell, Alfred  Between 1901 and 1939Upton, Leicestershire, England I6567

Residence at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence at marriage    Person ID 
1 Bull, James  Upton, Leicestershire, England I2221
2 Clarke, Elizabeth  Upton, Leicestershire, England I2529
3 Towers, Samuel  Upton, Leicestershire, England I6537
4 Rowley, Annie  1889Upton, Leicestershire, England I5675