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George James Parsons
George James Parsons

All has changed, visitors to the old site will find a radical difference in the way the data is displayed and new tools for viewing it. I hope in the future to add more functions and eventually a new front end. For now I am using the TNG stock template as I am on a deadline to shut the old server down by Christmas 2017. Things will no doubt change in the new year as I start to improve the look of the site, what has not changed is the data which is still well sourced and validated. There might well be a few teething problems feel free to use the contact form to pass these on.

About This Database

This database in effect serves three purposes.
     (1) It stores my own genealogy.
     (2) It stores my late wife's genealogy.
     (3) It is a vehicle to store information for my Bolstridge One-Name-Study

Both my own and my wife's genealogy is completely linked but the Bolstridge One-Name-Study database has a number of dead ends. These all terminate with a dummy individual in the form "Unallocated <location> Bolstridge" details of these can be found here.


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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Latest News
December 2017 - Site live on a new server. Visitors to the old site should have been seamlessly transferred here. My old site was built in 2010 using the zikula front end but sadly the new version of zikula could not support the functions I needed and both versions had difficulty supporting TNG versions above 8.02. It is rather sad as I had put a lot of effort into the "Blank Theme" module to support TNG and was Very pleased with the outcome. Moving to TNG 11.## however has opened up many possibilities the main one being support for mobile devices Another very useful function is the heat map for places. This gives a useful oversight of a specific area. The DNA section will be utilized in the future but is not active yet.