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Stockingford, Warwickshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 52.5167, Longitude: -1.5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Elizabeth Sarah  1873Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I390
2 Bindley, John  1820Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I507
3 Boulstridge, Albert Percy  26 Aug 1901Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I1704
4 Boulstridge, Benjamin  13 Oct 1896Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I1738
5 Boulstridge, Doris  1907Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I1787
6 Boulstridge, Ethel May  1911Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I7917
7 Boulstridge, Gertrude Emily  1913Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I1819
8 Boulstridge, Hazeline Delores  21 Nov 1921Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I1831
9 Boulstridge, John  1908Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I1865
10 Boulstridge, Olive May  1898Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I1928
11 Boulstridge, William Gerald  2 May 1906Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2012
12 Boulstridge, Winefred Emily  Jul 1900Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2020
13 Bown, Clara  19 Dec 1902Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2040
14 Bown, Daisy  1908Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2041
15 Bown, Minnie  1901Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2046
16 Brown, Frank  1908Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I7551
17 Brown, Minnie  1902Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I7547
18 Brown, Rose  1906Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I7550
19 Buckler, Caroline  1827Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2217
20 Burrows, Ann  1805Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2330
21 Cart, Hannah  1784Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2407
22 Cooper, Mary  1797Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I2684
23 Everitt, Afred  1853Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3128
24 Everitt, Elizabeth A.  1849Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3129
25 Everitt, Kezia  1856Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3133
26 Everitt, Peter John  1863Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3134
27 Greatrex, James  1795Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3380
28 Greatrex, John  Aug 1822Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3381
29 Greatrex, John  1870Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3382
30 Greatrex, Samuel  1863Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3384
31 Griffiths, Pearl  Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I8183
32 Hill, Alice  1880Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3925
33 Hill, John  1876Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3963
34 Hill, Sarah Ann  1874Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3985
35 Hill, Thomas  1853Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3989
36 Hill, William  1878Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I3994
37 May, Laura  1880Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I4771
38 Parsons, Richard  1818Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I5270
39 Parsons, William  May 1827Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I5294
40 Stain, Harriet  1876Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I5976
41 Tonks, Ada  Feb 1897Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I6286
42 Tonks, Ann  Jun 1900Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I6301
43 Tonks, David Thomas  Jul 1891Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I6324
44 Tonks, Eliza  Mar 1899Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I6330
45 Tonks, Elizabeth Ann  Jul 1833Stockingford, Warwickshire, England I6340
46 Tonks, Emma