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James and Elizabeth  Bolstridge, Ratclife Culey………

James and Hannah

James Bolstridge and his wife Hannah Arrived in Ratcliffe Culey circa 1790 along with with

James Bolstridge (Maine)

Tradition has it that James Bolstridge and his family entered Maine from New Brunswick via

Frederick Bolstridge
Frederick Boulstridge was transported to Australia in 1832. ...

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What's New: What's New January 2011

Posted by admin on Jan 12, 2011 - 12:35 AM

Unfortunatley personal issues have prevented me from spending much time updating and answering queries in 2010, will try to do better this year. On the Hill side of the family some interesting information has come to light regarding Levi Baldwin that has the potential to push forward research ....

A chance search of Google Books reveals that in in April 1806, according to the Sporting Magazine, "on the first day of the Goodwood Races there was a foot race beteween Levi Baldwin, a black trumpeter of the 4th dragoons, and a Yorkshire man ....". The significance of this is that we know that a Daughter, Jane, was baptised in March 1809 at Chichester and the Goodwood racecourse is but a few miles from Chichester. This now gives us the regiment Levi was in and sometime in the near future I shall be examining the Description Books for the period at Kew.

Furthermore the marriage of Levi and Sarah McGilchrist has now been found at Cambridge via the latest IGI updates. Looks like a trip to Cambridge also in the Summer.

Nothing really ground breaking on the Bolstridge front although much information from the 1911 census has been uploaded since April 2010.  This is ongoing with no real plan of action will have to retrack steps to fill in blanks





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