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My name is Martyn Parsons and I have lived all my life in the Black Country, the industrial heartland of England's Midlands. I have had a passion for local history for as long as I can remember and researching my family history has become a natural extension of that.

I was born in Woodsetton, Sedgley in 1942 and moved to nearby Tipton after my marriage in 1966. I retired in 1995 shortly before my wife died and found I then had the time to thoroughly research my family history, starting with the wealth of family documents I had found in my parents house after they had died.

This started life as research into my late wife's and my own family. Her maiden name was Gulliver which is quite an unusual name for this area and was one of the reasons for starting this research, family tradition said that the Gullivers originated from Cornwall but this proved incorrect. Her Mother was Polly Greensill, the Greensill name, although nationally quite rare, is relatively common in the Black Country. The family was extremely close knit, all Lyn's recent ancestors from Tipton married within the town, usually living just a few streets away from each other.

I hope you find this site interesting and useful, whether you are related to me or my late wife's extended family or interested the Bo(u)(d)lstridge surnane. The data that this site is driven by is stored in a genealogy program FTM (Family Tree Maker ). This information has been collected over the last 28 years and almost everything is stored within the database.

This database in effect serves three purposes.
     (1) It stores my own genealogy.
     (2) It stores my late wife's genealogy.
     (3) It is a vehicle to store information for my Bolstridge One-Name-Study

Both my own and my wife's genealogy is completely linked but the Bolstridge One-Name-Study database has a number of dead ends. These all terminate with a dummy individual in the form "Unallocated Bolstridge" details of these can be found here.




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Latest News
October 2023

The site is in a state of flux at the moment.

In order to save on hosting costs I have moved the old "Bolstridge One Name Study" site onto to this platform. Currently it stands along side the main TNG database and can still be accessed by the old study link or now alternatively by It is proposed to drop the domain name when it comes up for renewal in 2024.

The study site which gives the background and further research data hopefully will be incorporated within the TNG site but that requires a lot of work and may take some time. The original sudy site was developed and built using MS Frontpage. During the transfer some functions were compromised and I am working through and repairing these, please bare with me.

Bolstridge One-Name-Study