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Wymondham, Leicestershire, England



Latitude: 52.7598555, Longitude: -0.7372390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bursnell, Ann  14 Dec 1747Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2335
2 Bursnell, George  27 Jul 1745Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2339
3 Bursnell, James  11 May 1739Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2341
4 Bursnell, John  3 Jun 1738Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2342
5 Bursnell, Thomas  21 Jan 1740Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2344
6 Huddlestone, Albert George Victor  2 May 1895Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4137
7 Huddlestone, Alice Rose  1886Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4139
8 Huddlestone, Ann  Oct 1715Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4143
9 Huddlestone, Ann  Sep 1746Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4144
10 Huddlestone, Ann  Feb 1811Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4141
11 Huddlestone, Annie Mary  1878Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4148
12 Huddlestone, Christina  Jan 1888Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4153
13 Huddlestone, Christopher  Oct 1722Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4157
14 Huddlestone, Christopher  Oct 1756Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4158
15 Huddlestone, Christopher  Oct 1804Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4156
16 Huddlestone, Christopher  Aug 1833Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4155
17 Huddlestone, Christopher  7 Sep 1843Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4159
18 Huddlestone, Edward E  1882Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4174
19 Huddlestone, Edwin Holmes  18 Feb 1882Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4175
20 Huddlestone, Eliza Lois  30 Aug 1854Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4179
21 Huddlestone, Elizabeth  Dec 1826Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4181
22 Huddlestone, Elizabeth Rippin  Apr 1837Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4185
23 Huddlestone, Ellen E  1884Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4187
24 Huddlestone, Emily Annie Beatrice  1894Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4192
25 Huddlestone, Fanny  13 Oct 1875Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4194
26 Huddlestone, Frances  May 1719Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4199
27 Huddlestone, Frances  Jan 1815Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4198
28 Huddlestone, Frances  Apr 1832Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4197
29 Huddlestone, George Harold Frederick  3 Aug 1900Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4209
30 Huddlestone, George Henry  Jun 1870Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4210
31 Huddlestone, Harry  27 Nov 1873Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4215
32 Huddlestone, Henry  Feb 1813Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4217
33 Huddlestone, Jane  Oct 1830Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4222
34 Huddlestone, John  Feb 1728Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4228
35 Huddlestone, John  Jun 1749Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4226
36 Huddlestone, John  1776Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4225
37 Huddlestone, John  Mar 1803Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4224
38 Huddlestone, Joseph  Aug 1808Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4237
39 Huddlestone, Mary  Nov 1716Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4249
40 Huddlestone, Mary  7 May 1841Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4248
41 Huddlestone, Mary Ellen  28 Nov 1879Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4253
42 Huddlestone, Mary Rippin  Jun 1835Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4255
43 Huddlestone, Peter  29 Jun 1823Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4257
44 Huddlestone, Peter  31 Oct 1846Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4258
45 Huddlestone, Ralph Archibald  23 Nov 1906Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4261
46 Huddlestone, Sarah  Nov 1752Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4269
47 Huddlestone, Sarah  May 1781Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4270
48 Huddlestone, Sarah  Aug 1806Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4268
49 Huddlestone, Sarah Ann  3 Oct 1851Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4272
50 Huddlestone, Thomas  Aug 1731Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4277

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atter, Mary  Jan 1837Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I5093
2 Blagg, Ann  Apr 1732Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I562
3 Bursnall, Matthew  21 Nov 1721Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2334
4 Bursnell, Elizabeth  14 Jun 1740Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2337
5 Bursnell, Frances  Nov 1829Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2338
6 Bursnell, James  13 Jun 1739Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2341
7 Bursnell, James  9 Jul 1753Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2340
8 Bursnell, Thomas  29 Mar 1813Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2344
9 Dexter, Lucy  18 Nov 1915Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I2848
10 Holmes, Sarah  Sep 1904Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4046
11 Hubbard, Sarah  Jul 1777Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4127
12 Huddlestone, Ann  Dec 1720Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4143
13 Huddlestone, Christina  25 Jun 1974Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4153
14 Huddlestone, Christopher  Dec 1765Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4160
15 Huddlestone, Christopher  Apr 1825Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4156
16 Huddlestone, Christopher  14 Dec 1914Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4159
17 Huddlestone, Edwin Holmes  4 Aug 1885Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4175
18 Huddlestone, Eliza Lois  Nov 1855Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4179
19 Huddlestone, Elizabeth  Jan 1827Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4181
20 Huddlestone, Henry  May 1856Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4217
21 Huddlestone, John  Nov 1793Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4226
22 Huddlestone, Mary Rippin  Apr 1836Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4255
23 Huddlestone, Sarah  Nov 1803Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4270
24 Huddlestone, Thomas  Apr 1732Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4277
25 Huddlestone, Willie  8 Nov 1884Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4289
26 Roberts, Nehemiah Walter  18 Feb 1965Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I5614
27 Rose, Mary  Sep 1887Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I5651
28 UNKNOWN, Elsie May  Feb 1941Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I6724
29 Whiles, Sarah Elizabeth  Aug 1981Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I7119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Huddlestone, William  1824Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4282


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Office    Person ID 
1 Huddlestone, Edward E  1933Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Huddlestone, Henry  Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4217

Residence at marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence at marriage    Person ID 
1 Attewell, Thomas  Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I267
2 Moldes, Joseph  Wymondham, Leicestershire, England I4826