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Matches 1 to 33 of 33 for Tree equals bolstridge AND Branch equals churchdown connection

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F2048
Armen, George UNKNOWN, Doreen   
2 F2179
Bell, Joseph UNKNOWN, Mary   
3 F919
Bell, Joseph Crozier, Magdalene 1925 Lanchester, : Registration District, England  
4 F1791
Browning, Robert Sinclair, Louisa   
5 F1739
Browning, Thomas Rose, Susan 1850 Tetbury, : Registration District, England  
6 F710
Browning, Thomas Henry Bracher, Lily 1900 Cardiff, : Registration District, Wales  
7 F824
Browning, William Chapman, Susan 11 Jul 1808 Saint Mary the Virgin, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England  
8 F120
Compton, Esther    
9 F1150
Crozier, Stephen Grey, Magdaline 1875 Durham, : Registration District, England  
10 F1116
Crozier, Stephen Gornall, Elizabeth 1890 Durham, : Registration District, England  
11 F159
Cuthbertson, Derek Armen, Astrid   
12 F806
Davies, George Capper, Esther 1882 Gloucester, : Registration District, England  
13 F1064
Davies, Ian Alfred Freeman, Yvonne Lorrain 26 May 1984 Saint Mary's, Norton, Gloucestershire, England  
14 F941
Major, Laurance John E Davies, Tina Beverley 27 Feb 1982 Saint Mary's, Norton, Gloucestershire, England  
15 F1693
Morefield, Charles Probyn, Jane Abt 1871  
16 F2268
Morefield, Charles Henry UNKNOWN, Unknown   
17 F937
Morefield, Charles Henry Davies, Florence Louisa 3 Apr 1899 Saint Gile's, Maisemore, Gloucestershire, England  
18 F1809
Morefield, Jack Smith, Hazel 18 Nov 1944 Registry Office, Colchester, Essex, England  
19 F2197
Phillips, Alfred William UNKNOWN, Olive   
20 F2381
Phillips, Ronald Geoffrey Wolfe, Audrey Fergusson 22 Sep 1942 Saint Mark's, Kingsholm, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  
21 F2102
Phillips, Thomas UNKNOWN, Hannah   
22 F1272
Phillips, William Hill, Jane 1839 Gloucester, : Registration District, England  
23 F1156
Phillips, William Frederick Griffiths, Mary Abt 1878  
24 F750
Phillips, William Frederick Brown, Jane 4 Oct 1902 Saint Mark's, Kingsholm, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England  
25 F879
Rose, William Compton, Maria 25 Dec 1823 Saint Mary the Virgin, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England  
26 F1402
Sinclair, Alexander Jones, Louisa 1839 Cardiff, : Registration District, Wales  
27 F1509
Sinclair, John McDonald, Christian   
28 F1750
Smith, Ralph Salmon, Mary Ann 1876 Lanchester, : Registration District, England  
29 F918
Smith, Ralph Crozier, Magdalene 23 Dec 1911 Wesleyan Chapel, West Stanley, Durham, England  
30 F759
Wolfe, Frank Bernard Browning, Beatrice May 20 Nov 1920 Registry Office, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales  
31 F2204
Wolfe, Jonathan Buttimer, Rebecca 1886 Cork, : Registration District, Ireland  
32 F2125
Wolfe, Thomas Blake UNKNOWN, Lucy   
33 F2384
Wood, Gershom Sidney Wolfe, Marion Jane Blake 8 Apr 1957 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England