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Dordon, Warwickshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 52.601317, Longitude: -1.614569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Boulstridge, William Henry  23 Jul 1873Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2014
52 Boulstridge, William Lawrence  2 May 1874Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2017
53 Bown, Annie  Mar 1890Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2037
54 Bown, Arthur  1888Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2038
55 Bown, Benjamin  1894Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2039
56 Bown, James Frederick  1899Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2042
57 Bown, John  1892Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2043
58 Bown, Joseph  1896Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2045
59 Bown, William  1889Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2048
60 Chetwynd, Clara  1865Dordon, Warwickshire, England I2496
61 Fretwell, Sydney James  Abt 1896Dordon, Warwickshire, England I8110
62 Walton, Annie Clara  1889Dordon, Warwickshire, England I6995
63 Walton, Catherine  1879Dordon, Warwickshire, England I6996
64 Walton, Charlotte  1870Dordon, Warwickshire, England I6997
65 Walton, Henry  1859Dordon, Warwickshire, England I6999
66 Walton, James  1860Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7000
67 Walton, Jane  1840Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7001
68 Walton, John  1836Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7002
69 Walton, John  1868Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7003
70 Walton, Richard  1874Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7005
71 Walton, Sarah  9 Oct 1861Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7006
72 Walton, Susannah  1876Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7007
73 Walton, Thomas  1872Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7008
74 Walton, William  1838Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7009
75 Walton, William  1860Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7010
76 Wilkins, Maria  1848Dordon, Warwickshire, England I7197

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