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Clerkenwell, London, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.5230035, Longitude: -0.1060009


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atterbury, Charlotte  7 Feb 1823Clerkenwell, London, England I265
2 Bouldstridge, Amelia Mary Ann  1840Clerkenwell, London, England I1612
3 Bouldstridge, Amy Maud  1876Clerkenwell, London, England I1613
4 Bouldstridge, Archibald Cecil  1894Clerkenwell, London, England I1614
5 Bouldstridge, Arthur  1863Clerkenwell, London, England I1615
6 Bouldstridge, Benjamin  22 Jan 1798Clerkenwell, London, England I1617
7 Bouldstridge, Benjamin  1865Clerkenwell, London, England I1618
8 Bouldstridge, Edward  10 Jan 1803Clerkenwell, London, England I7482
9 Bouldstridge, Edward  1847Clerkenwell, London, England I1632
10 Bouldstridge, Edward Francis  1823Clerkenwell, London, England I1634
11 Bouldstridge, Edward Francis  1868Clerkenwell, London, England I1633
12 Bouldstridge, Elizabeth  1870Clerkenwell, London, England I1638
13 Bouldstridge, Emma Catherine  1838Clerkenwell, London, England I1640
14 Bouldstridge, Frederick  14 Dec 1806Clerkenwell, London, England I1647
15 Bouldstridge, Harriet  1861Clerkenwell, London, England I1651
16 Bouldstridge, Louisa Augustine  28 Aug 1844Clerkenwell, London, England I1669
17 Bouldstridge, Mary Ann  1864Clerkenwell, London, England I1671
18 Bouldstridge, Maud Amy  1889Clerkenwell, London, England I1674
19 Bouldstridge, Percy George S  1893Clerkenwell, London, England I1677
20 Bouldstridge, Rebecca  1833Clerkenwell, London, England I1681
21 Bouldstridge, Rhoda  27 Sep 1804Clerkenwell, London, England I7466
22 Bouldstridge, Walter William  25 Feb 1891Clerkenwell, London, England I1693
23 Bouldstridge, Winifred  1897Clerkenwell, London, England I1694
24 Boulstridge, Emma  1871Clerkenwell, London, England I1798
25 Boulstridge, Julia Ada  1874Clerkenwell, London, England I1874
26 Boulstridge, Sophia Amelia  1872Clerkenwell, London, England I1967
27 Brett, Ellen Euginie  1855Clerkenwell, London, England I2096
28 Busson, Edward W  1872Clerkenwell, London, England I2356
29 Busson, Lousia  1869Clerkenwell, London, England I2358
30 Busson, Lydia  1874Clerkenwell, London, England I2359
31 Busson, William  22 Jan 1838Clerkenwell, London, England I2360
32 Eburne, Emma Jane  1862Clerkenwell, London, England I3067
33 Graves, Ada Julia  1900Clerkenwell, London, England I3364
34 Harris, Elizabeth  15 Sep 1784Clerkenwell, London, England I7488
35 Hemmings, Sarah  25 Nov 1815Clerkenwell, London, England I7467
36 Pearson, Sarah  1808Clerkenwell, London, England I7470
37 Smyrk, Edward  1809Clerkenwell, London, England I7469


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bouldstridge, Edward Francis  1887Clerkenwell, London, England I1634
2 Bouldstridge, Thomas  Jun 1841Clerkenwell, London, England I1688
3 Roe, Benjamin  Jan 1826Clerkenwell, London, England I5631
4 Roe, Rebecca  Nov 1834Clerkenwell, London, England I5633