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James and Elizabeth  Bolstridge, Ratclife Culey………

James and Hannah

James Bolstridge and his wife Hannah Arrived in Ratcliffe Culey circa 1790 along with with

James Bolstridge (Maine)

Tradition has it that James Bolstridge and his family entered Maine from New Brunswick via

Frederick Bolstridge
Frederick Boulstridge was transported to Australia in 1832. ...

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Information Required

Information Required: James Bolstridge (Maine)

Posted by mdlp on Apr 12, 2010 - 10:38 PM

Tradition has it that James Bolstridge and his family entered Maine from New Brunswick via Buffalo very early in the 1800's.

Most of this information came from a a set of late 19th century genealogy books but without further provenance. I have had no sight of these books and the information published has been gleaned from modern published trees.

Some researchers state that the family were from Bristol others from London. There is no evidence at all of the presence of Bolstridges in the Bristol area at all. If there is a Bristol connection it is more likely to be the port of departure.

What is without doubt is that 2 of James' sons Frederik and Ebenezer settled in Fort Fairfield in the 1840's and raised large families there. Their progeny is the source of most of the US bolstridges.

If anyone can name the books that the information on the early presence or provide additional information I would be much obliged.

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