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James and Elizabeth  Bolstridge, Ratclife Culey………

James and Hannah

James Bolstridge and his wife Hannah Arrived in Ratcliffe Culey circa 1790 along with with

James Bolstridge (Maine)

Tradition has it that James Bolstridge and his family entered Maine from New Brunswick via

Frederick Bolstridge
Frederick Boulstridge was transported to Australia in 1832. ...

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Database News

Database News: Now using FTM 2010

Posted by mdlp on Mar 15, 2010 - 12:57 AM

Finally upgraded database to FTM 2010. Now we have a desktop program that is a long way to acheiving GedCom compliance.

FTM has always had, (for me at least), a distict advantage over other desktop genealogy programs. It's poor GedCom compliance however let it down, and to get TNG to work seamlessly it needed a lot of post GedCom manipulation.

It's great that have finally taken on board all the criticisms over the years and finally produced a product that can stand alongside the best. It's first generation, 2008 was widely slated and 2009 was a marked improvement.

FTM 2010 has excelled my expectations. The ability to change the old place/event system to event/description/note systen has made things a lot easier for me. If they can change the date range system from Jan-Feb 2010 too Jan 2010 - Feb 2010 then I will not have to do any more post GedCom processing.



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