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Announcements: Welcome to the new look site.

Posted by admin on Apr 27, 2010 - 03:34 PM genealogy database has been re-launched with a new look. Taking advantage of the new Zikula CMS  [2] the BlankTheme [3] theme developement framework. Unfortunately I have not been able to transport the user database over so I would ask everyone to re-register. ..........

The Zikula framework is an exciting upgrade to the previous PostNuke CMS and although it's been around for some time I've only now decided to upgrade the old site. In fact I have not upgraded but have rebuilt the site from scratch.

The BlankTheme distribution makes the design of flexible themes possible for many different displays. The current one is a fail safe for use on traditional monitors with a resolution of 1024 X 768 it is proposed to produce a dedicated theme for widescreen monitors over the coming months.

The display of the TNG [4] genealogy database is effected by Wendel Voigt's supurb TNGz [5] module. I intend to make more use of it's many features in the near future. The database is now managed using FTM 2010 [6], as the person URL's have changed I have re-sequanced the database to clean it up.

Because the forum on the old site  was not used much a simple guest book has been added.




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