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James and Elizabeth  Bolstridge, Ratclife Culey………

James and Hannah

James Bolstridge and his wife Hannah Arrived in Ratcliffe Culey circa 1790 along with with

James Bolstridge (Maine)

Tradition has it that James Bolstridge and his family entered Maine from New Brunswick via

Frederick Bolstridge
Frederick Boulstridge was transported to Australia in 1832. ...

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Posted by admin on Apr 27, 2010 - 04:18 PM

This portal is a way of grouping all my genealogy and local history data in one place. The bulk of the information relates to my Bolstridge - Boulstridge One-Name-Study but also includes my own family history and that of my late wife. Apart from the Bolstridge / Boulstridge name there is considerable information on Tonks, Allen, Gulliver, Huddlestone, Parsons, Duffield, Greensill, Barfield, Hill, Spencer and Langford surnames.

The main resource is the genealogy database accessed menu bar, and the varoius display blocks. This database contains over 6,500 individuals, the details of  about 1200 of these are witheld, usually because they are or are assumed to be living.

Everyone is welcome to browse but to contribute you must me registered. Registration is quick and easy and your privacy is guaranteed. Registered users also have other benefits such as a private messaging system, access to downloads and GedCom download.

Contributions are welcome and if you can prove a link I can give you access to the all persons on that particular branch of the tree. You must register for this facility and I can't guarantee you will be granted access.

 As I am now of advancing years I welcome help from anyone who is committed to advancing the project further.



Author: larryb
Mar 24, 2015
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Rosehiller Boulstridge b.1869 was married to William Bown b,1865 are my great grandparents on my fathers side.

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