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Database News: Now using FTM 2011 and TNG 802

Posted by mdlp on Jan 21, 2011 - 11:48 PM

In November 2010, after beta testing FTM 2011 for 3 months, I finally ditched 2010 for the first production version of 2011. I very pleased with 2011 although there are a number of minor issues that still need ..

.... addressing. Finally the new software company who are developing FTM are getting to grips with the requirements of a modern genealogy program.

I must admit that I use the program only as a data input device and I have geared it's output purely for use in TNG. Many other users have differant demands. Previously I had stuck to FTM purely because it was too difficult to move to another program. (None are 100% compatable for use with TNG especially regarding media and geo-cording locations). FTM 2011 now can hold it's own with the best.

Just a quick note regarding TNG. The current release of 810 will not work out of the box with Zikula although with a struggle I have got 802 to work.

TNG has come on in leaps and bounds since I first started using it. I cannot recommend it enough, with Darrin's continuing developement and it's dedicated user base, it's an example of how a niche market product meets the needs of it's user base.


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