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Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

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Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Alfred  1852Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2143 bolstridge 
2 Brown, Charles  1843Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2148 bolstridge 
3 Brown, Edward  1850Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2150 bolstridge 
4 Brown, Edward  1880Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2149 bolstridge 
5 Brown, Eliza  1838Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2152 bolstridge 
6 Brown, Eliza  1847Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2151 bolstridge 
7 Brown, Emily  1849Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2155 bolstridge 
8 Brown, Harriet  1841Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2158 bolstridge 
9 Brown, Henry John  1853Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2159 bolstridge 
10 Brown, Jane  1883Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2160 bolstridge 
11 Brown, Mary  1840Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2170 bolstridge 
12 Brown, Richard  1837Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2172 bolstridge 
13 Brown, William  1845Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2178 bolstridge 
14 Bubb, Comfort  1856Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2206 bolstridge 
15 Bubb, Eliza A  1852Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2207 bolstridge 
16 Bubb, Jane  1858Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2208 bolstridge 
17 Bubb, John  1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2211 bolstridge 
18 Bubb, Patience  1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2212 bolstridge 
19 Bubb, Thomas  1866Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2213 bolstridge 
20 Daves, Sarah Ann  1859Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2789 bolstridge 
21 Davies, Clara  1873Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2794 bolstridge 
22 Davies, Dora  1892Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2795 bolstridge 
23 Davies, Florence Louisa  1879Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2797 bolstridge 
24 Davies, George  1861Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2798 bolstridge 
25 Davis, Hannah Matilda  1865Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2815 bolstridge 
26 Davis, Henry Edward  1868Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2816 bolstridge 
27 Davis, Joseph  1855Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2819 bolstridge 
28 Davis, Robert  1863Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2823 bolstridge 
29 Davis, Susannah  1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2824 bolstridge 
30 Dobey, Eliza  1829Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I2866 bolstridge 
31 Morefield, Gladys Violet Selina  1902Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I4863 bolstridge 
32 Phillips, Alfred William  11 Jul 1903Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5351 bolstridge 
33 Phillips, Annie  1864Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5353 bolstridge 
34 Phillips, Charles  1862Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5357 bolstridge 
35 Phillips, Elizabeth  1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5358 bolstridge 
36 Phillips, George  1860Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5360 bolstridge 
37 Phillips, Hannah  May 1846Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5361 bolstridge 
38 Phillips, Harriet  1857Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5362 bolstridge 
39 Phillips, Henry John  13 Sep 1907Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5363 bolstridge 
40 Phillips, Michael Roger  17 Mar 1943Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5368 bolstridge 
41 Phillips, Ronald Geoffrey  2 Jan 1923Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5370 bolstridge 
42 Phillips, Thomas  1843Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I5372 bolstridge 
43 Wiltshire, Louisa  1831Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I7300 bolstridge 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Morefield, Charles Henry  1914Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England I4852 bolstridge 

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