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Help for Members with Access Rights

This page is only applicable to members who have been given certain access rights.
If you have access rights you will have already been notified by email.

You will have been given one or more of the following rights.

(1) Administration Rights : This gives full access to all the database and administration of it, currently there are no other administrators other than me, the webmaster, although I may appoint one or two others to help in the future.

(2) Access to a specific branch : You will have been granted access to a certain branch within the database. Your email will have given you a link to the focus point(s) of your branch and the number of generations forwards and backwards from there.

(3) View living individuals : Access to view living individuals across the database will never be given. You will only be able to see living individuals within the branch you have been given access to, i.e. your own wider family group.

(4) Editorial Rights : Within the branch you have access to you may have been given editorial rights. That is you can submit changes to certain events. Those events will have a icon by them, clicking the icon will open a submission dialogue. The alterations are not live, I will pick them up in due course and review them before inclusion.

(5) Photo submissions : Photographs and other media can be uploaded to an album area for me to include in the database. The album gives you the ability to describe in detail the media you have uploaded. If you have asked for or been given this facility a personal album will have been created for you to use. You may create sub-albums within this album for further categorise the media. There are size limits of 1 Meg for a single file and 20 megs total.  

Important notes about logging on

If logging from a public computer do not tick the remember me box. Don't share logons with other people, if other members of your wider family want access I will grant it to them personally at your request. The access logs are checked regularly and IP addresses are logged as well as usernames. Remember this is for your benefit.


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