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 Database conventions and limitations

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General Errors

Genealogy is a subjective hobby and I have tried to document my reasoning behind any assumptions made If you disagree please feel free to contact me. There will be a number of errors and omissions in this database, I am finding them and amending information much of  the time. A large proportion of this comes to light as I continue to read parish records but a significant amount is found by visitors to this web site. Please report any errors using the suggest link by the individual.


Family Treemaker 2010 (FTM) is now used to maintain this database and generate the GedCom that TNG uses to produce this website. FTM's GedCom compliance is now vastly improved and many previous limitations have now been overcome. There are a few issues still but these are gradually being resolved. These include the repositories and  the what's new sections and the treatment of ranges of dates however there is nothing major any more.


Each individual has their own page, the default view is their personal information which includes spouse, children and parents which in themselves are links to their personal pages.  A  beside a listed event will search for all with events at this location.

The tab structure at the top  of the page is pretty self explanatory and gives various charts etc. Please note the PDF function if you want to save detail and the  Print link top left of page gives you a nice printable page. The other useful function in this area is the Bookmark, please note this is held in a cookie on your computer. Other areas of the database are available from the drop down menus to the right.

 All sources are included on the individuals pages. Facts that have quoted sources have source number in brackets after them, [##], these are also hyperlinks to the source detail at the bottom of the page.

Links outside this site should always open in a new window and are indicated by icon. Many sources have a web or download link, some PDF files will require a password to open, you will be notified of this before attempting a download.  it's always worthwhile following the source reference.

What's included

Almost everything researched is included within the database. The FTM database is used as a vehicle for storing both my own and my wife's genealogy, an outline of this can be found here.

It is also used to store all linked individuals researched for the Bolstridge One Name Study approximately 90% of all Bolstridges found.

In both cases I have generally included the spouses parents and their marriage if found. For the Bolstridge Study I have attempted to include the first generation of offspring for female marriages. There are exceptions to that rule mainly where a further family link is suspected or confirmed, these are included even if they result in a dead end.

Other exceptions are the result of research for other family members or interesting links, these include the Bouchier, Hewins and Mossop and Duffield families.

I hold no additional information on people listed so it's pointless asking for it.


I use the present day names for locations if available or known, English counties are however  the pre-1970 traditional counties.  I am gradually adding geocodes  to all the places in the database in order to implement the Google maps feature, this is a low priority exercise and only about 20% have been finished. Almost all the registration districts have been geocoded and are a useful resource in their own right. see  here. Many places also have pictures attached to them although at present this is not possible to indicate, access to the picture and other detail is via the  icon or from the photos page


The notes section that towards the end of the page contains information in chronological order, there may or not be hyperlinks within these pages which should open a new browser window. Please use the error reporting form for any that don't.

Census Data

I have now standardised census data to be included in the individual notes pages, some as yet do not follow this rule please report any you find. Census data is transcribed per family and is included in the head of the family's notes generally the father. If the father becomes deceased subsequent data is transferred to his surviving spouse unless she remarries when it transfers to her new spouse. It is always policy to check the wife who survives her husband for additional information and/or details of re-marriage.


Each relationship generates a family section which contains details of partner / spouse if known. Children are listed in order of birth and are hyperlinks in their own right. If names of children are blank this means they are either still alive or I have no death information, the cut off age is 100 after that they are assumed dead.

If a child's name is  preceded by a > sign this means their pages contain Family information i.e.  children and / or spouses. Many females have a family section without a spouse / partner, this normally indicates an illegitimate birth.  

Surname Standardisation

Much of this database was entered before the instigation of AKA's (also Known As) by FTM. To aid indexing I decided early on to standardise surnames. The surnames standardised and their common variants are listed below.

  • Barfield - Barefield, Berfield, Burfield

  • Bolstridge - Boulstridge, Bostridge (arrived as a separate name circa 1820), Bolestridge, Bouldstridge.

  • Duffield - Duffel, Duffill, Duffle, Doffill

  • Greensill - Grensill, Greencell, Grinsell, Gruncell

  • Tonks - Tonkes (the IGI standardises this as Tonkiss for some unknown reason), Tunk(e)s (used almost exclusively in Warwickshire prior to 1800), Tounkes and Tounckes.

  • Treadwell - Tredwell, Thredwell, Tredle


N.B. there are exceptions to these rules but they will be apparent from the source information.

  • Month / Year, e.g. MAR 1842, these are usually found in birth and death entries and are estimates from burial dates and baptismal dates.

  • Day/Month/Year, e.g. 9 APR 1842, these are  found in Birth, Marriage Burial information where the full date is known usually from civil registration information.

  • Year Only, Calculated from census, age at marriage / death information or civil registration indices. Inspecting the index if available will narrow the date to a quarter.

  • Assumptions, All prefixed Abt, females 21 at marriage, males 25 at marriage, fathers noted in marriage certificate 30 + age of child and marriage 2 years before the birth of first child. I endeavour to estimate any dates not found as I find this helpful in finding duplicate individuals in the database.

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