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2501 These links are pure conjecture at present until all the surrounding films have been read. Bolstridge, Thomas (I1442)
2502 This Anne was previously assigned to Ann Bolstridge b. 1844 who married Samuel Bolstridge. She has been detached and moved here following the discovery of a Clara Bolstridge age 10 who was visiting her the night of the 1891 census. Bolstridge, Anne (I688)
2503 This appears to be a newly developed area in the South Ward of Workington of Derwent Road
housing many new workers from Dronfield. 
Simpson, Joseph (I5789)
2504 This appears to be a second marriage for Benjamin Family F1038
2505 This appears to be the second marriage of Richard
A Richard and Mary Baptised children prior to 1835 
Family F940
2506 This assignment is circumspect at present Bolstridge, Gladys (I942)
2507 This assignment,( the son of John and Elizabeth from Packington), is the logical place armed with the purely circumstantial evidence so far collected. The two children found at Bickenhill are the only Bolstridges found there. A substantial number of the marriages and baptisms listed at both Great and Little Packington were because of re-building in adjacent churches at this time. Labour was moving about these areas during this period, 1750 - 1790, no doubt due to the enclosure acts in progress.
Note that many families in Solihull had ties with and moved between Bickenhill and other adjacent parishes. These parish films are in the process of being re-examined.

Jame's son Henry married Mary Suckling from Maxstoke, she was the Grandaughter of William Suckling a tenant farmer in Maxstoke at the time Jame's assumed brother John was there. Both William Suckling and John Bolstridge AKA Boastridge were litterate.

June 2002
********************************************************************** ****
At the time James and Hannah arrived at Ratcliffe Culey, circa 1790, with their 3 eldest children the village was expanding. The process of enclosure had only started in 1767 and a lot of new families settled there in the succeeding 30 years. Some came as small farmers and some as labourers on the new farms carved out of the open field system. The main landlord was the church controlling some 500 acres of glebe. Ratcliffe was a small village and could not support more that 200 - 240 inhabitants and therefore their sons tended to move out of the village on maturity. A Bolstridge presence was maintained in the village however, well into the twentieth century due in no small measure to the availability of non agricultural work nearby at Atherstone and the local coal mines.
********************************************************************** *****
Bolstridge, James (I7912)
2508 This church did not exist although the parish did.

Source (S665)
2509 This church was a ruin from the great fire and all functions were carried out from Christchurch, Newgate Family F591
2510 This information was found on the internet.source

Thomas Howell was the third child of George Howell and Hannah Hill. George Howell was born in 1760 in Staffordshire England. George was a convict who arrived on the 'Perseus' on the 4.8.1802. Hannah Hill, also a convict was born in England in 1769. Hannah was already married and was forced to leave her husband and two small sons. She arrived in Australia on the 24.6.1804 aboard the 'Experimant'.

Thomas was born in Parramatta on the 10.11.1809 where he spent his childhood with his family, George and Hannah had nine children. George was granted a conditional pardon on the 4.6.1806, later purchasing the 'Wind and Water Mill' from the government, where he used to grind wheat and corn for the colony. Thomas with his older brother, George jnr, and younger brother Walter, grew up learning about the mill industry from there father. George jnr died in an accident at the mill. leaving his wife Elizabeth, nee Brown and five small children. Thomas married Elizabeth Crowley on the 28.2.1832 at Richmand. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Crowley and Jane Bryan(t).

Thomas and Elizabeth were to have ten children from 1833-1856. They were all born at Richmond where her parents lived. Thomas's father died in 1839, and in his will he left 1050 acres of land at Bilpin, 1 Mill and two dwellings at Richmond, 2 Mill's and a dwelling at Parramatta and twenty acres of land at Evan. After the death of his mother, Hannah in 1851, Thomas and his family moved to Pretty Plains (now Millthorpe) and there he established a mill. Thomas died at Pretty Plains on the 3.4.1876 and was buried at Orange. His
wife Elizabeth died on the 17.1.1891 at Cudal and is buried there.


See Also Hannah's Notes 
Family F1010
2511 This is also known as Lion Yard
Next door in 5 House is James and Annie Hayes. There daughter Annie was married to John Duffield Abrahams Son 
Duffield, Abraham (I2952)
2512 This line is possibly connected to the Solihull Bolstridges ie Samuel and Elizabeth Batch Bolstridges, Unallocated Bickenhill (I1536)
2513 This marriage assignment is obviously incorrect. Family F1110
2514 This marriage has been mis-transcribed as Hannah Astbury when in fact the registers show Eastbury.
The Charlotte Bishton, a Witness, was the wife of Benjamin Bishton formally Taylor
Hannah was transported to Australia in 1804 leaving her two children behind.
For further information see her Individual Notes.
Family F1009
2515 This marriage was more than Likely a Catholic Marriage.
Many of James' siblings are listed as civil marriages 
Family F609
2516 This note was found on a srap of paper with the photo's of Caroline found in Skipton :-

"Hard work, Plenty of worry but little notice taken of it." This is the
motto of a smiling wolverhampton woman, 88 years of age. Left fatherless
at age 6. Mrs Hill of Wolverhampton.
Worked long hours in a key smith's shop for many years. She has been the
proud mother of 13 children, the eldest of whom is 66 years of age. Her
granchildren numbering 106 and her great grandchildren 35. F Procter"

Although undated it should be about 1925
********************************************************************** *********************
In 1911 Census listed as Widower living with Dau Sarah and her Husband William Garner
Baldwin, Caroline (I293)
2517 This person not found in 1911 census could be later birth Tonks, Charles Harry (I6313)
2518 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1471)
2519 This Samuel was listed as a son of Samuel and Magaret Wood by Norman Dudley but this is not correct according to burial Register their Samuel was buried 13 Feb 1767 sic " Samuel son Samuel and Margaret Bolstridg buried " Bolstridge, Samuel (I1338)
2520 This Thomas may well have come back to Bedworth as his father did on occasion. Not in the London Burial index only check would be certificate!!
Did he abandon his wife in London?
See her notes.
Bouldstridge, Thomas (I1689)
2521 This was Alice's Fathers Address in 1881 Boulstridge, William (I2009)
2522 This was obviously a bigamous marriage, Previous wife Hannah having possibly been transported for larceny Family F2284
2523 This was possibly a casual relationship
Family F559
2524 Thomas and his wife Ann had several children, three of whom, William, Thomas and John David, were baptised at St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, in London, in 1768, 1770 and 1771. Why Thomas went to live in London at that time is a matter of speculation but, after a few years, he and his family returned to Coventry and in 1772, the year in which Thomas was admitted as a Freeman of the City, they were living in the East Street Ward of the City. Two years later, in October 1774, at the time of the Poll to elect an MP for Coventry, Thomas was listed as an " Out-Voter " , living at Stoke, near Coventry. Thomas and Ann's daughters, Sarah and Phoebe, were baptised at Stoke in 1774 and 1777. In 1785, Thomas was recorded as Thomas Boulstridge of Stoke, engine weaver and, in 1796, as Thomas Bouldstridge, formerly of Gosford Street and East Street Wards, Coventry, the Bouldstridge spelling being that which members of the family acquired in London. Thomas's brother William was living in New Buildings, Coventry at the time he was admitted as a Freeman of the City and, in 1774, was living in Gosford Street.
The Bolstridges alias Boulstridges of Bedworth (Prof. N.A. Dudley)

********************************************************************** ***********************
NB ---- I do not question the above information it is well documented at Coventry Archives, however I cannot not see the justification for assuming that this Thomas is the same Thomas, the son of Francis and Eleanor from Bedworth Woodlands as placed by Norman Dudley.
The lack of Bol(d)stridges in the Parish Registers preceding this period has more to do with the state or loss of these registers than their absence. A recent index of the Precept Records records Bo(u)l(d)stridges prior to 1772, I shall check these in due course.

A far more likely candidate is the Thomas Bolstridge who married Hannah King (Arnold) at nearby Astly. This Thomas was wrongly allocated to John and Ann Hewitt by Norman Dudley who had missed the burial of their Thomas.

Another likely Candidate is the Thomas Bolstridge buried at Great Packington in 1781. No age is mentioned but these is a connection to Packington via Francis Bolstridges second wife Mary Daniel.
********************************************************************** **************************
Bolstridge, Thomas (I1422)
2525 Thomas appears to a child of Mary Ann Stockton from a previous relationship. It just could be with George Gulliver but the pro entries are numerous.

In 1871/81/91 Census data Thomas is always listed as Gulliver living with George and Mary Ann (Stockton) 
Stockton, Thomas (I6044)
2526 Thomas Bolstridge married to Hannah Arnold and born c 1747 was allocated by Norman Dudley as the son of John Bolstridge and Ann Hewitt baptised 19 October 1745. This is incorrect as the Bedworth burial registers list their son Thomas as being buried 6 March 1745/46. Bolstridge, Unallocated Astley (I1461)
2527 Thomas Dowell was the First Cousin once removed of Ellen Tonks Family F1945
2528 Thomas Witnessed 23 Marriages between 1774 and 1791. His hand was fair and consistent and progressed from Bostridge to Bolstridge. This seems to establish the link with Maxstoke as these were the only families to consistently use this alternative form at this time. Thomas was NOT a church Warden during this period according to the signatures on the Bishops Transcripts so was possibly a Parish Clerk. The last signature was in Feb 1799. A Hannah Bolstridge also witnessed some marriages there, possibly his daughter, in 1793 with Thomas.

There is much confusion with Thomas = Mary Lapworth and Thomas = Sarah Shiplee neither signed at marriage. This arrangement seems the best option at the moment but may change in future !!! 
Bolstridge, Thomas (I1443)
2529 Thomas, was apprenticed to Thomas Beaumont, engine weaver, of Coventry on 19th May 1785. He subsequently returned to London, where he had been born, and married Rebecca Roe at St. Buttolph, Bishopsgate, on 25th December 1788. In 1796, as Thomas Bouldstridge of London, weaver, he sought to be admitted as a Freeman of the City of Coventry, but failed to appear before the Court at Coventry to take the oath, on any of the several occasions he was requested to do so, and so was not enrolled.
Bouldstridge, Thomas (I1688)
2530 Thorpe Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, England
RG11 Piece 3182 Folio 42 Page 34
Wm. HUDDLESTONE M 31 M Melton M, Leicester, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Carpenter
Eliza HUDDLESTONE M 30 F Metheringham, Lincoln, England
Rel: Wife
Edward HUDDLESTONE 6 M Melton M, Leicester, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Walter HUDDLESTONE 4 M Melton M, Leicester, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Edith HUDDLESTONE 3 F Melton M, Leicester, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Scholar
Willm. HUDDLESTONE 2 M Melton M, Leicester, England
Rel: Son
Robert HUDDLESTONE 1 M Melton M, Leicester, England
Rel: Son
Infant HUDDLESTONE 2 d F Melton M, Leicester, England
Rel: Daur
********************************************************************** ****************
3 Ann Street Melton Mowbray
William Huddlestone Head 42 Carpenter b. Melton Mowbray
Eliza Wife 41 b. Metheringham; Lincoln
Remainder b. Melton
Edward 16 Labourer
Walter 14 Errand Boy
William 12
Robert 11
Annie 10
Mary 9
Elizabeth 7
Emily 5
Alfred 3
Mable 1
1901 Census 37 Norman Street Melton Mowbray
William Huddlestone Head 42 Carpenter b. Melton Mowbray
Eliza Wife 41 b. Metheringham; Lincoln
Remainder b. Melton
Walter 24 Grocers Assistant
Robert 21 Watchmaker Own Account at Home
Matilda 18 Shop Assistant Boots
Lizzie 16
Emily 14
Alfred 13 Errand Boy
Mable 1
Huddlestone, William (I4281)
2531 Transcript of Naval Service Record
Jonathan Wolfe Date of birth 22 Nov 1847
Place of Birth Ballinhassig County Cork (BallanHuiny)
Enlisted on 16 Jan 1872 for ten years served full term to 16th Jan 1882 then more
Height 5'7 Hair : Dark Brown Eyes : Hazel Complexion : Dark
Trade Druggist
See Original for more detail of the following
Ships served on and what rank
1873 Agincourt J B Att
1874 Agincourt S.B. Stw
1875 Minataur S.B. Stw
1878 Minataur Lance Corporal
1881 Duke of Wellington Lance Corporal
1882 Orontes Lance Corporal
1883 Duke of Wellington Lance Corporal
1884 Cruiser Corporal
1884 Alexandra
1886 Duke of Wellington
Discharged to Pension 26 July 1888
G???? Rent 17 4 1888
********************************************************************** ******************
1901 Census 111 Knockrea, Blackrock, Cork

Wolfe Jonathan 53 Male Head of Family Church of Ireland
Wolfe Sarah 44 Female Wife Church of Ireland
Wolfe Jonathan 12 Male Son Church of Ireland
Wolfe Robert 11 Male Son Church of Ireland
Wolfe Thomas 9 Male Son Church of Ireland
Wolfe James 8 Male Son Church of Ireland
Wolfe Arthur 6 Male Son Church of Ireland
Wolfe Frank 5 Male Son Church of Ireland
Wolfe Victor 3 Male Son Church of Ireland

1911 Census house 6 in Victoria Quay (Cork No. 5 Urban (part of), Cork)

Wolfe Jonathan 62 Male Head of Family Church of Ireland Co Cork Naval Pensioner Read and write - Married - 24 7 7
Wolfe Sarah 52 Female Wife Church of Ireland Co Cork - Read and write - Married - 24 - -
Wolfe Jonathan 22 Male Son Church of Ireland England Engine Fitter Read and write - Single - - - -
Wolfe Robert 21 Male Son Church of Ireland County of Cork Engine Fitter Read and write - Single - - - -
Wolfe Thomas 19 Male Son Church of Ireland County of Cork Engine Fitter Apprentice Read and write - Single - - - -
Wolfe James 18 Male Son Church of Ireland County of Cork Engine Fitter Apprentice Read and write - Single - - - -
Wolfe Arthur 16 Male Son Church of Ireland County of Cork Scholar Read and write - Single - - - -
Wolfe Frank 15 Male Son Church of Ireland County of Cork Tailor Apprentice Read and write - Single - - - -
Wolfe Victor 13 Male Son Church of Ireland County of Cork Scholar Read and write - Single -*********************************************************************************
Wolfe, Jonathan (I7332)
2532 Transcript of New England families, genealogical and memorial (Vol 1 Part 1 Page 191 (Bolstridge Line)

The Bolstridge Line

(I) James Bolstridgc was born in Bristol, England, died at St. John, New Brunswick, about 1822. He came to this country about 1819, settling at St. John. He married a Miss Smith.
Children, order of birth not given:

i. Fred, died in Limestone; married Catherine McDougall, of Fort Fairfield, Maine.

2. Jane, died at Maysville, Maine; married William Fields, a farmer of Maysville.

3. Ebenezer,mentioned below.

4. James, died young.

5. William, died young.

6. Joseph.

(II) Ebenezer Bolstridge, son of James Bolstridge, was born in Bristol, England, in 1815, died at Ashland in 1S9S. He was four years old when his parents came to this country, and he settled in Ashland when he came of age, residing there the remainder of his life. He was a lumberman. In politics he was a Democrat, and he was a member of the Church of England. He married Amelia Bradley, born at Long Reach, near Tobique, New Brunswick, in 1S17, died at Ashland in 1855, daughter of Henry Bradley, born in New Brunswick about 1792, died there about 1848. Henry Bradley was a farmer ; he married Abigail Freeman; children; Henry; Angus; Sarah, married Jacob Sailor ; Mary ; Amelia, married Ebenezer Bolstridge. mentioned above ; Dorcas, died young. Children of Ebenezer and Amelia ( Bradley ) Bolstridge, born in Aroostook county, Maine:
i. Martha Jane, born September 12, 1836, died young.

2. Rachel Ann, borna pril 5, 1838; married George Bolstridge, who served three years in civil war and Iived at Fort Fairfield. 3. William Henry, born August 5, 1S39, died in Minnesota; married Mary Bean, of Minnesota.

4. Albert, born February 18, 1841 ; married (first) Martha Bragdon, (second) Minnie Bragdon.

5. Eleanor M, born October 31, 1S42; married Charles Matheson, of Masardi, Maine, an innkeeper and farmer ; she died in Montana.

6. Frances K., married Nathan Winslow (see Winslow VIII).

7. Victoria A., born September 12. 1845; married Israel West. 8. Ebenezer, born April II, 1847; married Lucinda Metcalf. of Masardis; he is a farmer at Ashlane Maine.

9. Amelia, born September 12, 1S48, died young.

10.Fred C, born October 22, 1850; married Ida Bragdon: he is a farmer at Portage Lake Maine

11. Rufus L born Oct 19, 1852; was a storekeeper in .Minneapolis,died in 191l, in Masardis. unmarried.

12. Celestia, born September 18, 1S54; married Roscoe Noyes, uf Crystal, Maine,Where they live.

13. .Angus, born March 26, 1856, died aged twenty years. 
Bolstridge, James (I1024)
2533 Travelling on the New Hampshire from Liverpool Butler, Charlotte (I2364)
2534 Two children of this Family do not have Individual pages :
Selina Duffield Barbour abt 1894 died 1895
Annie Catherine Duffield Barbour born 4 Jun 1900 died 2 Dec 1936

Their daughter Annie Catherine married Neville Gilbert Barraclough and it was this family who eventually inherited Tallentire Hall and it is Annie Catherine who is buried with her Grandparents James & Selina at Bridekirk Churchyard.

pp Patricia Natrass
********************************************************************** ********** 
Family F989
2535 ubi caritas et amour Deus ibi est Gulliver, Margaret Linda Ann (I3583)
2536 ubi caritas et amour Deus ibi est Gulliver, Margaret Linda Ann (I3583)
2537 Unemployed
Bradley, John (I7459)
2538 Upgraded IGI Source (S680)
2539 Various assumptions used Source (S657)
2540 Various documents relating to persons who died intestate
Source (S51)
2541 Various Miscelaeneous Burials Source (S770)
2542 Visiting Sister Louisa and here Husband James Taylor Hill, Enoch (I3948)
2543 Walsall 1851 Census Folio 376 Duncalfe St
FUKES Thomas HD M'36/Labourer Leicester
FUKES Mary Ann WI M'40/ Essex
FUKES Alice DA U'7/ Leicester
FUKES Jas SmithSO U'9/ Leicester
CLEMENTS Thomas LG M'45/ Miner Nottingham
HILL Jonah LG U'19/Key Filer Staffs 
Hill, Jonah (I3967)
2544 Warloy-Baillon is a village about 21 kilometres north-east of Amiens along the D919 to Arras. The Communal Cemetery is on the east side of the village and the extension is on the eastern side of the cemetery.
The first Commonwealth burial took place in the communal cemetery in October 1915 and the last on 1 July 1916. By that date, field ambulances had come to the village in readiness for the attack on the German front line eight kilometres away, and the extension was begun on the eastern side of the cemetery. The fighting from July to November 1916 on the northern part of the Somme front accounts for the majority of the burials in the extension, but some are from the German attack in the spring of 1918. The extension contains 1,331 First World War Commonwealth burials and two from the Second World War. There are also 18 German war graves in the extension. The communal cemetery contains 46 Commonwealth burials of the First World War and 158 French war graves. The extension was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield. No. of Identified Casualties: 1348
Duffield, John (I2997)
2545 Was a boarder with Benjamin Boulstridge in 1901

in 1911 Family living with Father - in - law Benjamin Boulstridge

BROWN, Frank Son Married M 32 1879 Coal Miner Stallman Hockley Tamworth Warwickshire
BROWN, Hannah Maria Daughter Married 9 years 6 Children 6 Living F 31 1880 Dordon Warwickshire

BROWN, Minnie Daughter Single F 9 1902 Stockingford Warwicks
BROWN, John Son M 8 1903 Whatly Tamworth
BROWN, Benjamin Son M 7 1904 Hurley Warwicks
BROWN, Rose Daughter F 4 1907 Stockingford Warwicks
BROWN, Frank Son M 3 1908 Stockingford Warwicks
BROWN, Hannah Maria Daughter F 0 (9 MONTHS) 1911 Nuneaton Warwicks
Brown, Frank (I2156)
2546 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8250)
2547 Was Christened as William Henry Walker Baldwin, William Henry (I6986)
2548 Was his Father's house in 1911 Jenks, Thomas (I4400)
2549 Was involved with providing railways in South America. Stephens, Joseph (I8317)
2550 Watling Street Hall End Boulstridge, William Henry (I2013)

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