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2451 Source Medium: Tombstone

Bolstri dge Virtual Graveyard

James Boulstridge died 15 April 1902 age 69
And Ann his wife died 26 Feb 1917 age 79
Ethel Wife of William Boulstridge daughter of W and E Hiorns
died April 2 1932 Age 26
Source (S370)
2452 Source Medium: Tombstone

Bolstri dge Virtual Graveyard

Source (S347)
2453 Source Medium: Tombstone

Bolstri dge Virtual Graveyard

Source (S357)
2454 Source Medium: Tombstone

Bolstri dge Virtual Graveyard

Source (S358)
2455 Source Medium: Tombstone

Bolstri dge Virtual Graveyard

Source (S365)
2456 Source Medium: Tombstone

My Transcript

Bolstri dge Virtual Graveyard

Source (S344)
2457 Source Medium: Tombstone


Source (S147)
2458 Source Medium: Tombstone


Indexed Burials
Source (S146)
2459 Source Medium: Tombstone
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Harry Tonks d. 15/2/1947 age 73
Jane his wife d. 30/4/1970 age 97
Hilda Kathleen d. 29 7 1963
Leslie died in infancy
Richard Tonks d. 19/4/1952 age 75
Martha his wife d. 16/11/1969 age 93

Arthur William Tonks d. 17 12 1918
Mary Elizabeth his wife d. 24 9 1974 age 88

Arthur Raymond Tonks 4 1 1973
Florence Eleanor 19 4 1966
Source (S354)
2460 Source Medium: Tombstone
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LH gate 1st blk left 14th row no 2
Jane Huddlestone d 6/3/1947 wife of
George Henry Huddlestone d 16 /6/1956 age 86
Source (S359)
2461 Source Medium: Tombstone
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Ref 164 : 6 Slabs in Northwest Corner of Churchyard
1)Samuel Gulliver d 6 oct 1828 aged 66
2)Mary Relict of Samuel 26 Nov 1846 78
3) Adelaide d of Josepth and Sarah Gulliver age 8 died 20 Dec 1839
5)Samuel s Samuel Gulliver May 26 1827 Aged 26///Died at Leamington
Ref 169 : Isolated Slab North of Church
Thomas s of Thomas and Sarah 9 Nov 1801 aged 33
Sarah wife of Thomas Gulliver d 12 Jan 1785
Thomas Gulliver d 10 Nov 1815 aged 79

Source (S346)
2462 Source Medium: Unknown
Source (S621)
2463 Source Medium: Unknown
Source (S636)
2464 Source:FHL Film 1341730 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3057 Folio 85 Page 5

Thomas MOTTRAM31 Atherstone, Warwick
Rebecca MOTTRAM29 Bubbenhall, Warwick
Henry W.J. MOTTRAM 11 Atherstone, Warwick
Arthur T. MOTTRAM 2 Atherstone, Warwick
Emily M. MOTTRAM 10 M Ratcliffe Culey, Leicester
Mottram, Thomas (I4932)
2465 st Matthias in Wheeler Street Lozells opened by 1855, closed 1948 Source (S683)
2466 St Peter, Wickham Road, Brockley Source (S671)
2467 Still officially married to Elisha Doctor Hill Family F1010
2468 Summerhill Price, Joseph (I5451)
2469 Susannah is Almost Certainly the sister of Harry Wakefield who married Mary Bolstridge Naomis Niece Bradbury, Susannah (I2062)
2470 Suspect Birth and Death records mothers Age !!!!!!!!!!! Bolstridge, Viola (I1480)
2471 Sydneys War Office records show he was attested on 11 Dec 1915
His age was 19 years 180 days. He was placed on the reserve list because of his occupation as a moulder.
At this time his next of kin was stated as James Boulstridge of Ashby De La Zouche
Mobilized on 16 April 1918 at Warwick and sent to the citadel at Plymouth
He appears not to have seen active service and was demobbed on 28 November 1918.
********************************************************************** *************** 
Boulstridge, Sydney (I1981)
2472 Tailors Shop of David Round Rhoden, Sarah (I5562)
2473 Temple Mill, Sibson, Leicester, England Ref RG11 - 3134 Folio 70

William DAWKINSM76 MCongerstone, Leicester, England
Occ:Farmer & Miller Employing 2 Men 3 Boys
Harriette DAWKINSM59 FSibson, Leicester, England
Occ:Farmers Wife
Betsy NEWMANU18 FOrton On The Hill, Leicester, England
Occ:Gen Serv
Thomas COLESU18 M Ratcliffe Culey, Leicester, England
Occ:Millers Man (C)
Jos. BOSWORTHU21 MUpton, Leicester, England
Occ:Cows Man 
Coles, Thomas (I2618)
2474 Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2002 Source (S679)
2475 Textile Works Holmes, Mabel (I4044)
2476 The 1881 Census gives born at Thisk Yorks
The 1891 Census gives born at Dublin
The GRO gives born 3rd quarter 1875 at Thirsk YOR 9d 407

From cert copy of birth certificate;
born 14th July 1875 at Sowerby, Margaret Mary, Girl, father Edward Norton, mother Mary Ann Norton formerly Matthews, fathers occupation gardener, informant Mary Norton mother, residence Chapel Street Thirsk, registered 13th September 1875 Thirsk.

No record of Baptism at St Benedicts Atherstone. 
Norton, Margaret M (I5029)
2477 The 1920 US Census reveals 2 Walter Bolstridges age 40 born Maine both Single
This entry enumereated on 3rd Feb following is Obviously This Walter Bolstridge
Portage Lake Town
BolstridgeWalterHead40 sglME ME ME Farmer
" FredFather69ME ME ME
" IdaMother59MECanadaCanada
" HenryBrother15ME ME ME
CondonHerbertNeph14ME ME ME
" VelmaDaug?11ME ME ME
" FredaDaug?7ME ME ME
The three Condons are Children of his Sister Sarah and her Husband Benjamin Condon
Two other Children, Percy and William were adopted by his Brother Irvin
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------
The entry enumerated on the 20 Feb could be the same person The page has been altered and is Difficult to read
He is a Boarder with a Family of Canadian Descent, (whose Surname is unreadable) at Chapman Town and appears to involved in some way with the sawmill.
BolstridgeWalter40 SglME ME ME ??? Sawmill
********************************************************************** ************************************
In 1930 Census at Portage Lake single with Widowed Mother IDA A
********************************************************************** ****** 
Bolstridge, Walter M (I1483)
2478 The 1939 register list two other closed records Duffield, Arthur (I2968)
2479 The cemetery is located to the north west of the town of Ieper near a village called Elverdinge, this is on the N8 road between Ieper and Veurne, 3 kilometres from Ieper. Driving into the village from Ieper go to the traffic lights and turn right, this street is called Steenstraat, and after 50 metres follow the street to the right, called Boezingsestraat. The cemetery is 500 metres along this street on the left hand side.
Bolstridge, Benjamin (I720)
2480 The church was built in 1841 in brick with stone dressings in Early English style. It was bombed in 1940 and demolished between 1947 and 1952. From December 1940 marriages were solemnized at Holy Trinity, Dalston. The last marriage register was closed in 1953 on the union of the parish with Holy Trinity, Dalston Source (S670)
2481 The family was at Statfold in the 1841 census. Many transcripts transcribe this as Stafford.

" Statfold is a remarkably small parish and manor, three miles NE of Tamworth, containing only five houses, 45 inhabitants, and 450 acres of land, all belonging to Stanley Pipe Wolferstan, Esq, who resides in the Hall, a handsome brick manor, erected in 1571, and having an observatory which commands an extensive prospect. The Wolferstans obtained this manor in marriage with the heiress of the Stanleys, in 1590.
The two farms are occupied by the owner, and James Chiswell is the farming bailiff. "
[From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851]
********************************************************************** ******************************** 
Family F2411
2482 The following entry was found in the marriage register of Saint Mary, Carlisle; CUL
12 Dec 1791
Henry X McGilcrist widower married Frances X Akin widow by banns both of this parish
Witnessed by James Allan and Michael Smith ( Smith was a witness to most marriages)
J Brown minister.
Although the marriage was said to be by banns and both of the parish no banns entry was found in the banns book although marriages preceeding and following had the required banns entry.
It is proposed to examine the regimental diary currently at the Regimental Museum to ascertain if the 3rd Dragoons were in the area at that time.
The baptism of Sussanah McGilchrist at Birmingham in 1795 who subsequently died In Devizes seems to confirm that this Marriage is in fact that of our Henry McGilchrist
********************************************************************** ************************************************** 
Family F124
2483 The following IGI entry will be checked in due course :-
Marriage: Spouse: Helen DALZIEL
Marriage: 6 Aug 1832 Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
This entry has been confirmed both of Old Monkland
1841 Census Langdon Old Monkland
Levi Balden Taylor 30 Y
Helen ditto 30 N
John Ditto N
1851 Census
Lodging with (unreadable)
Levi Baldwin Widower 40 Journeyman Tailor
John Baldwin 19 Son Journeyman Taylor
Baldwin, Levi (I308)
2484 The GRO indices appear confusing all are for Foleshill
Thomas F B Jeffs was registered in the June Qtr of 1920 mother's Maiden Name Jeffs
On the bottom of that page is added Thomas F Bolstridge but the page number is unreadable, there is no seperate entry under bolstridge.
In the Dec Qtr of 1927 Thomas F Bolstridge was registered mothers maiden name Jeffs, this is clearly the same person as when he died his date of birth was 13 Mar 1920.
His parents did not marry until the following quarter.
********************************************************************** ********************** 
Bolstridge, Thomas F (I1450)
2485 The IGI is taken from the bishop's transcripts which may not be complete there will possibly some additional children between 1773 and 1780.

Awaiting Tipton register films Check back later 
Family F931
2486 The IGI states William Tunks and Elizabeth baptised an unnamed child at Grendon on 26 Jun 1796
Could this be William he fits the bill.
Barry Davies has checked the Register at Grendon and although an un-named child was baptised there is no corresponding burial entry.
I can confirm likewise for Mancetter and Ratcliffe Culey - Sheepy Magna
First Born, father's name, good bet!!

6/3/2001 Bishops transcripts checked at Lichfield Records Office confirms WILLIAM TUNKS son William and Mary bapt 27 July 1796!!!

********************************************************************** **** **************
1851Census Details Hockley Hole, Nuneaton; WAR
William TUNKS Head M55 M Ag Lab Mancetter-WAR
Ann TUNKS Wife M45 F Hand Loom Ribbon Weaver Stockingford-WAR
Martha TUNKS Daur U22 F Hand Loom Ribbon Weaver Stockingford-WAR
John TUNKS Son U20 M Ag Lab Stockingford-WAR
Elizabeth TUNKS Daur U18 F Hand Loom Ribbon Weaver Stockingford-WAR
Jesse TUNKS Son U16 M Ag Lab Stockingford-WAR
William TUNKS Son 14 M Ag Lab Stockingford-WAR
Joseph TUNKS Son 11 M Scholar Stockingford-WAR
Sarah A. TUNKS Daur 9 F Nurse Girl Stockingford-WAR
Harriet TUNKS Daur 6 F --- Stockingford-WAR
Maria TUNKS Daur 4 F --- Stockingford-WAR
********************************************************************** **** ************ 
Tonks, William (I6526)
2487 The placing of Ann with these parents is pure conjecture at this time. No baptismal entry can be found but there was an Edward and Ann Savage baptising children at this time. Also worthy of note is that at Chilvers Coton Woodlands, (this is possibly the same as Bedworth Woodlands due to the reference to Griff), William Savage was listed in the 1664 hearth tax returns as a new resident since 1663 with one hearth but not liable.

Savage, Ann (I5720)
2488 The reasons for Assuming that the John and Mary Parsons (nee Broadhurst at Lullington are one and the same family that appeared in the Sibson Registers in 1793 are as follows.
The Parsons Family of Upton in the Parish of Sibson had a close relationship to the Family of John Spencer. John Spencer married and lived at Clifton Campville from 1794 until 1818 although he had worked in Upton in 1793 at the farm of Mr. Tabbener obtaining legal settlement there. The parishes of Clifton Campville and Lullington are contiguous.
After their marriage John and Mary baptized 2 Children in 1790 and 1792, there is no activity by them in the registers after 1792.
There was also a Chapman Family farming in the Lullington area at this period.
********************************************************************** ************************
John Parsons does not appear to have been born in Lullington although he witnessed a marriage of William Parsons to Amey Dawes there in 1788, likely his brother. William at that time was from Tamworth.

The poor law records for Lullington will be accessed in due course if they survive to check for settlement certificates. 
Family F735
2489 The records were created by the Probate Registry, which took control of proving wills and administrations in 1858. Before this, four different types of ecclesiastical (church) courts dealt with these cases. A Principal Probate Registry was established in London in January 1858, and several district probate registries were created around the country. From then on, the registries oversaw all grants of probate and letters of administration. This collection is the Calendar of these grants.

The Calendar is separated into a different volume for each year. The entries in each volume are then alphabetised by surname. Information varies across different entries, but each typically includes:

•Probate date
•Full name of the deceased
•Death date
•Death place
•Registry where issued 
Source (S660)
2490 The regiment formed part of Wellington's army in the Peninsular Wars. The following battles were granted as Battle Honours :
Battle of Talavera - 27/28th July 1809.
Battle of Albuera - 16th May 1811.
Battle of Salamanca - 22nd July 1812.
Baldwin, Levi (I307)
2491 The register says 7 Months that indicates another J=essie Margaret was born and buried between 1873 and 1876 Stretton, Jessie Margaret (I8740)
2492 The Richards Family in the 1880's seem all to be involved in the out worker shoe trade, as were the Goodsons Fanny's mother's family. Richards, Harry Walter (I5579)
2493 Theodosia has always been refered to as Mary in all Tipton Censuses but Theodosia used in the Registration of her son John.
The IGI shows a marriage of Theodosia Preece to a Thomas Caswell at Whitbourne; HER, Marden, her place of Birth stated in all Census data is about 12 miles from Whitbourne. 
Preece, Theodosia (I5440)
2494 There are Children of Hedley Moorwood - Elizabeth Hall not shown in this database :-
Margery Hilda Moorwood 1893
Thomas Hedley Moorwood 1895
Jane J Moorwood 1897
Family F1195
2495 There are descrepancies regarding Johns Age - Birth
The 1841 census suggests he was born 1792 - 1801
His age stated at death suggests 1785
Yet the Baptismal records suggests 1778
The range however does not indicate a missed generation.
1841 Census Lesbury HO107/819 Folio 4
John Bolstridge 50 Aglab
Mary 45
Mary 15
James 5
All born in county
These ages appear to be rounded down not Up!

Bolstridge, John (I1082)
2496 There are few clues at present as to where these Bolstridges originated from. The surname unusually has remaine constant from the late 1700's suggesting they were in fact literate. The naming conventions suggest a link to the Ratcliffe Bolstridges Bolstridge, Unallocated Northumberland (I1465)
2497 There are two James Routledges in the 1901 census both born Newcastle Both at Elswick one age 10 and the other 11 Routledge, James R (I5668)
2498 There is a Kennen Family at the Weavers Arms Fillongley in 1851 Census, Jane Kenen head.
I am informed that they were actually in the adjacent cottages the general area known as the " Weavers Arms " now called Wood End.
1861 Census Wood End Fillongley
John Kennen Head 30 Ag Lab b. Fillongley
Ann " Wife 31 b. Ratcliffe Culey
Thomas Tunks son 8 ------- " ------------
Ellen Kennen Dau 3 b. Filongley
Joseph " Son 2 b. "
Kennen, John (I4476)
2499 There is much confusion with Thomas = Mary Lapworth and Thomas = Sarah Shiplee neither signed at marriage. This arrangement seems the best option at the moment but may change in future !!!

Also at Great Packington Thomas Bolstridge was Buried Nov 26 1781 (Great Packington registers usually mention infants) 
Bolstridge, Thomas (I1440)
2500 These are the entries for this quarter
Harrient not found in 1901 Census but a Mary Beckmann wife of Henry was found

BECKMANN Henry William Hackney 1b 810
BOULDSTRIDGE Harriet Hackney 1b 810
BRYANT William Thomas A Hackney 1b 810
MARCH Mary Emma Hackney 1b 810
********************************************************************** ***** 
Family F580

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